Sunday, March 20, 2011


I mentioned back several months ago that I was helping my sister redecorate her house. They are on a tight budget so we had to mostly work with what they had. She loved soft blues and wanted a punch of orange, so I made her a design plan back last year, Here is what that looked like.
And here are some before pics:

The AFTER pics
Anyhow, we got it mostly where we want it with a few exceptions but I wanted to post some of it! They didn't buy any new furniture, but did repaint their coffee table white (from black) and bought some fun accessories like pillows and this rug. The furniture is pulled out off the walls which I like.

The color of the curtains is a beautiful seafoam green, and goes well with the light gray walls. 
The artwork here had a dark navy/black mat that just looked too dark, so changing them out for white mats made a huge (and inexpensive!) difference.

The theme for the whole room was drawn from this artwork of hot air balloons, and this WAS the big expense of the room but Valerie loved it (and so do I!) She got it custom framed and hung it above her piano... unfortunately it's a little high for my taste because they have some awkward outlet in the middle of this wall of their rental house that we had to cover up. Oh well, it works =)
The white candlesticks were a cheap DIY project from this earlier post.

Behind her front door, Valerie has these cute hot air balloon hooks I found on One Kings Lane. Very whimsical and fun!

Little side table... I love this picture of her and Taylor, and the frame is so cute!

A bigger view. We're planning on covering the piano bench still, and are working on making a cushion for the little white hallway bench you see peeking behind the couch.  The other side of the room we are still working on so I will post that later! =)

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  1. I love the hot air balloons. You girls have such good style!


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