Tuesday, March 8, 2011

GIveaway Ending Tomorrow! (And a red inheritance)

And what's with the only ONE comment?! Looks like she's an automatic win unless someone gives her a little run for her money ;) This headband is FREE so check it out and enter here!

Also I just have to post some recent additions to my home... My mother-in-law had an entire bedroom set from when she was 16. So it's at least 45 years old and it is SO darling. Well she's been hanging on to it and decided to give it to ME for one day when I have a girl! (Not anytime soon, don't even think about it). We live in a tiny condo with not much space, but we're leaving for the summer to St. Louis so we had to "store" it somehow for now inside our condo. I had to get creative, for it's a muted red and doesn't match much, but it's working for now! I'm especially in love with the desk & chair...

These were taken with my crappy phone camera, apologies. 
The mirror hardware is broken, but eventually we'll fix it and hang iit right!
This is the guest bedroom... I managed to shove the headboard back in there and I actually dig the pop of red!

SO cute right?!
So once we move and know more of what our plans are, I might paint some of these pieces (I'm not a fan of a set that's all the same), but I also kinda dig the red?

While I'm at it, I'll share my latest bargain find... this upholstery fabric. I love it, it's thick and nice and so cute, and it was $8 for almost 2 yards! Home Fabrics here in Orem... it's hit or miss, but when it's a hit, you end up very happy =) =) =) Still don't know what I'm going to do with it... any ideas?

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