Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Well guess who's down to 800 calories for the rest of the week?

And now it's my assignment to chug a gallon of spring water per day.. that is, til I have to start to dehydrate

Here's a lovely snapshot of what I'm not eating.. but would really like to... Damn you Easter temptations! But I will not succumb!

Guess who's had the flu and has been throwing up since last night? (Not my son- which is good)
And I've still gotta get in an hour of cardio everyday!
I pretend this is what I look like.. so then cardio seems a little more motivating =)

I'm going a little batty, not gonna lie.
I had a swollen stomach all day (maybe from barfing?) and tried to run on the treadmill tonight... wasn't happening. I walked on an incline which is better than nothing, but suddenly felt the pressure of what I gotta do this next 10 days and almost broke down, right there in the gym.

Well to make matters worse, I got another unhelpful tidbit from another hater. An ex-figure competitor saw me in jeans and a sweatshirt last week and told my trainer that she can tell I'm nowhere near lean enough for the show. Well how about a slap in the face to both me AND my trainer? I'm so glad you took a look at my round face and thought, oh she must be chubby. Curse of my life, but hey I hope I surprise you.

I'll be checking in the rest of this week.. if I don't pass out ;)


  1. Hang in there!! You really are doing an amazing thing and you're almost there!! You really are my workout inspiration!!

  2. you are MY workout inspiration too! I have sent several people to your website who think that after having children, there is NO going back. You really have been an inspiration for so many of us women! hang in there, and keep proving people wrong. i am excited for you, and thank you for sharing the ups & downs with us.


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