Friday, March 23, 2012


Well, this is it!
Rundown of the past day or so:
Squaring away nutrition
   CARB loading... yeah 2000 calories is a freaking LOT when you've been eating around 1000 for the past couple weeks
Dehydrating... I'm thirsty =(
Salt Lake to register for the show
Make-up run-through
Freaking out!

OK I'm kind of freaking out, yes. This week has been nuts. Family drama... then my great-grandma passed away at the ripe old age of 105!!! It's a good thing since she is reunited with her husband, it's just really sad I have to miss her funeral, as it is tomorrow.

But I managed to squeeze in a movie last night..
Yeah you know I'm imagining I'm Katniss, fighting to the death tomorrow at my competition.
OK not really...
But of course, awesome movie. GO.

Here's my awesome friend Megan practicing my "look" for the show. We're all joking that prep for this is pretty much as extensive as a wedding! And just about as expensive too... 

Some random good news: I've been stumped about my weight not changing much during this whole training, and I didn't think I really lost inches either. Til I went capri pants shopping today... and bought 0's. I don't look that small, I don't feel that small. I'm just kinda shocked to be honest. But yay!

AND I have to do a post about my awesome trainer Brian who pretty much made this magic happen:
He pretty much transformed me from a 125-pound blob to a 115-pound lean machine! They say when you're a personal trainer, you're also a shrink, listening to everyone's complaints and drama and emotional crises. True story! 
 If you want some extra boost to get in shape, are just starting out or wanting to embark on a crazy adventure such as competing, Brian is your man! He's got a gym in Orem called Strive Fitness.
Here's his rates!
You know I'm a trainer right? Certification's expired but that's what I have my degree in, but I've just learned that there is STILL much to learn! Personal trainers push you in ways you never think to push yourself, and you see results you never imagined you could have.
They are worth the money!


  1. So excited to hear about your competition tomorrow! I'm sure it'll go great - you look amazing!

    I wish you lived just a bit more north! I'm on the fence about hiring a trainer - less on the fence about hiring one and more about when to, the 10% weight loss mark sounds good, I'm so close but have been stalling for 2 weeks - all the more reason to hire someone to push me through.

    Very best of luck tomorrow!!!!

  2. Good luck today! You've worked so hard and I hope you leave the competition feeling extremely proud of yourself!!!


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