Monday, March 12, 2012

Stayin positive!

A few things to report: This past weekend, I met with some other competitors to practice posing, and while I was nervous to see who I'm competing against, I felt SO glad to have gone, because everyone was really nice, and we're all in the same boat, hoping all our efforts have been enough! 
Do I feel confident about my body and where it's at right now? Yes and no. I tried not to compare myself to others because it's so hard to know what the judges will be looking for. Some women are older and tall and super thin and lean, and then there's me, who is short and muscular and still kinda curvy (don't ask me how my boobs have stuck around this long!)
I think, shoot I hope I'm lean enough for the show, and that my "curves" don't work against me.. and I think, crap I hope I'm not so muscular that they think I should be in the "physique" category (which is a new category they made for ladies in-between figure and bodybuilding).
But instead of worrying, I decided I need to just feel good about my body. I've accomplished a LOT and it's the best I've ever looked. It's all been worth it even if I don't win, but I'm sure gonna keep pushin it this week! Cardio is my focus- gonna keep trying despite the energy drop =) It's also the week I gotta get all my "pretties" scheduled- the tan, the nails, hair highlights, etc. It's getting close!!!
My new inspiration for the week.... DANG

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  1. I love that photo - I've seen it floating around pinterest awhile and it's such great motivation. Every time I feel my muscles ache I love to think of those photos and know that small bit of pain is what it takes to build something to be proud of.

    Glad you're posing meet went well! I'm sure your competition will go great :)


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