Wednesday, March 28, 2012


So now that I'm no longer eating super clean, and I've backed off on intensive exercise for now, my body feels disgusting. I'm not kidding, I feel swollen and flabby and I am terrified of losing everything I worked hard for. I feel guilty if I eat something that's been off limits for the past couple months. And it's only been a couple days! I'm still trying to figure out the middle ground so I can stay in shape and I'm still optimistic that I will, I just have anxiety about the whole thing, and I've heard that this is normal post-competition.
Anyways, I just ran across this article on Muscle & Fitness Hers and it really motivated me and reminded me that it's OK to not be perfect all the time. 
Maybe it'll help you ladies too who are struggling with this!
 Building a Better Body Image

Felicia shares her tips on how to connect with your self confidence

What constitutes a great body? Is it being lean and tone? Or is it being healthy from the inside out not really putting emphasis on weight or bodyfat, etc.? For me, in the beginning of my career I would put so much emphasis on being lean and tone that I would go to extremes to get there. I was so focused on my weight and bodyfat that it took over my mind and created unhealthy habits. We all want a great body and we all want to feel healthy, and today that is what I am trying to focus on. I try to focus now on my psychological health and, in turn, that will help my physical health. When you constantly beat yourself up over calories, become obsessed with body image it starts to affect your self confidence leading to depression, binge eating and being unmotivated to bring yourself out of it.
Here are some tips that I try to stick to and I tell a lot of my clients at AZ Pro Physiques, my personal training studio in AZ.
Connect with your self confidence:
1. Make health and fitness, rather than body aesthetics, your goal. Think “Strong is the New Sexy”!
2. When negativity creeps in, shift your perception. Journal or write. This has helped me tremendously because when I write, it puts things in perspective for me and allows me to challenge my self critical thinking.
3. Appreciate your body for what it is capable of today, and strive for better fitness and strength in the future.
4. List all your successes, big and small. Being mindful of personal victory, even if it is just showing up to the gym for the first time or getting a walk in after dinner, will give you more confidence to keep on going.
5. Show your confidence, even if you don’t feel it. Smiling and projecting a positive vibe can affect your brain over time and boost your mood.
6. If you're not committed to loving your body right at this moment, commit to respecting it. Eat healthy nutritious foods, because I always tell myself that I only get my body once and I must respect it.
As long as you are alive, you’ve got the body to thank for every heartbeat, every breath, every step … each and every single day!

She's amazing.. would definitely put me to shame! Maybe I'll get there one day ;)

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