Thursday, March 1, 2012


Guys sometimes I'm an idiot. I blog about things that I feel strongly about but sometimes fail to be sensitive to people's situations and don't think about things before I write them. I've deleted a segment from my previous post about my friend, whom I love and to whom I was too judgmental.

I have a passion for health and fitness. It comes natural to me, it's common sense, but I don't want to come across as someone who is conceited, or looks down on those who are overweight or have complicated lifestyles. My whole point of my previous post was to inspire us all to be a powerful tool towards the betterment of those we love, especially health-wise. I think it's that important.

I know everyone has their struggles, most of which we're not even aware. I know weight loss is a touchy subject and for many people it is NOT easy. So although I can be opinionated on certain matters, I always want to be sensitive and understanding to my readers. I've been fat and I've been thin... I know every emotion on the scale of insecurities and I remember every negative thing someone said about my body. But now, being at the healthiest point in my life, I feel the rewards of my hard work, and I only tell you about them not for attention, but to encourage YOU to be your best.

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