Monday, March 5, 2012



For the most part, I've had the most awesome group of friends and family supporting me and encouraging me through the process of competition. It's been really fun and motivating for me.
But there are always haters!! 
I got kinda derailed this weekend by someone trying to tell me I wasn't good enough. He is more of an acquaintance, who thinks he's the expert on fitness competitions. He straight out told me my goal of being 11% body fat by the time my show hits is not lean enough. And that I should be worried. (I've done the research, talked with my trainer, checked with various forums and websites, and a good range is 9-15% for figure).
Thank you for stressing me out this close to my competition and for making me doubt myself and all my hard work I've put in. 
In my mind, I know he doesn't know what he's talking about, so I should feel confident, but ya know there's that voice in the back of my head saying, "what if he's right?? What if I'm just not lean enough and I embarrass myself up there?!"
I'm sure we've all been there. People just want to bring you down and make you feel like you're not good enough. Doing something big and out of your comfort zone is hard enough without people pointing out your flaws and trying to derail you.

SO I've taken some comfort in the following and hopefully you will too!: 
Yes I am going to shine =) That hater will be at my show, and I am even more determined to push it hard these next 3 weeks and prove him WRONG.
 I may not win my competition, I may not even place. But at the end I want to feel good about what I've accomplished, and know that it was enough.

Here's something not that exciting. Maybe it is.. I dunno. Just another expenditure... bleh.
It just occurred to me that I have no bling for my show! No jewelry! And apparently, appearance is a big deal. Any pageant people that read this here blog? I shoulda recruited your help in this regard! I'm a girly girl (although I gotta pretend to be a badass in the gym), but I have no idea what I'm doing as far as stage presentation. I'm actually on the shy side, and have to hide that somehow...

Anyways a few months back I remember spotting these earrings at Nordstrom:
SMITTEN! I used to love big earrings, but then I thought chandelier earrings went kind of out so I never wear them. But I still loved the look of these. Could never decide which color I liked the most! But then again.. where would I wear such huge earrings? And are they really worth $60?

Well none of those colors go with my suit... but Nordstrom has these for 50% off..
Now to get some cheapy bracelets or something from Claire's this week... Gaudy rhinestone bracelets are something I just will not wear again. Anyhow have some I can borrow? lol


  1. steph you ARE badass! you're going to look amazing in your competition!! you already do!! i'm so proud of you! i envy you!!! and i'm totally going to be at your competition supporting your sexy butt! :)

  2. Something that my brothers-in-law always tell me: "If you don't have haters, you're doing something wrong." You're going to be amazing! The first competition in any field is always the scariest and you're going to feel SO much better when you're finally on stage. Is it customary to bling up your hair? If so, you might want to get some sparkly clips/pins or something. I see those in ballroom competitions all the time. Love the earrings. Can't wait to see you!

  3. Who does that guy think he is?! Seriously, that's so lame. I hate it when people are like that. You are going to rock it!


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