Sunday, March 4, 2012

the Arnold 2012!

Alright, so back to fitness to start the week...
It's Monday, we all need a little pick-me-up right?!

This past weekend was the IFBB Arnold Classic... which is the big Pro show for bodybuilding (named after Arnold Schwarzeneggar of course).  As I've been training for my figure show, of course I've become more familiar with who some of these pros are, and what I aspire to. But ummm I'd love to look even half as good as them!

Here's how the figure competition went down and the winners:
#1: The winner: Nicole Wilkins
Such a cute girl... I put this pic of her walking to show that obviously she looks very fit, but as a normal person, not flexing, she still looks feminine.
It's the POSING that is meant to show off the musculature, symmetry, etc.

K so it's not the most attractive thing, pushing out your lats like that, but that's what figure's about!
Is that back crazy or what?

 #2: Erin Stern (she won last year)

#3 Candice Keene

#4 Ava Cowan.. one of the most well-known in the biz. She's gorgeous.. and ripped

#5 Heather Dees... She's from Utah! Way to represent =)

And just to throw this in, if bikini is your thing, this is the winner of the Bikini division, Sonia Gonzales
She's so cute, and she's only 5 feet tall. As a short person, this makes me happy!

P.S. if you're interested in more coverage from the show, wanna scope out the industry, or just wanna ogle pictures, here's the gallery.
I thought it was interesting/cool, that even though these ladies are in incredible shape, so ripped and so lean, you can still see stretch marks! Lots of them are moms, and luckily those "battle wounds" do not count against you =) I actually think you should get bonus points!

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