Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I love Sponsors!!

Alright, throughout my training process, I've had A LOT of expenses. More than I had anticipated! So I am soooo grateful to those who have offered discounts and "hook-ups" to get me looking good for this show!
For the competition, I have to get a crazy dark spray tan, and my awesome friend Krysten recommended the salon she works at. If you're local, I definitely encourage you to check it out, in Orem by 1600 North.

Salon and Spa Services

Eyelash Extensions
Airbrush Tanning
Body Replenishing
Hands and Feet
Spa Packages
The salon is by my house so it was very convenient for me. I still need to get my fingernails done, but Krysten did my toes for me yesterday, and they have never looked so pretty!
Totally recommend her next time you need a mani/pedi/acrylics, etc!! So ask for Krysten Knight =)
Also at Evolution, I had a tan run-through to see how dark we need to go for Friday night. I feel like I'm sooo dark, but I'm going to have to go darker still!
Merisa did my tan and she is AWESOME. She'll be doing it for the show so I'll of course post those pictures this weekend =)

 Here's some of my posing practice from today. I'm down to 11% body fat! The lighting doesn't make me look as dark... and my muscles apparently are "flat." I'm a bit carb-depleted so they're not as pronounced I guess. BUT I'm carb-loading tomorrow and finally get to eat some more!
My eyes are shut. Really attractive. And I'm really not posing that well... but you get the idea!

And I'm a beast. This is a bodybuilding pose that I am NOT doing for the show. Just flexing for fun. Cuz that's what I do...
Anyhow, this is mostly how I'll be looking on stage on Saturday. Just darker, shinier, tighter and dry. And with nice hair and make-up. So maybe I won't look anything like this...
Stay tuned!


  1. Holy smokes Stephanie!!! You look crazy good!

  2. I am so excited for you!!You look so good!Go kick some butt!

  3. Wow! You are amazing. Good luck Stephanie.


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