Thursday, March 15, 2012

housewares and other crap you should buy

Taking a break from my fitness woes. Bottom line is I'm hungry and tired.. so I'm averting my attention to other things.. like home decor.

Now I'm no expert, I've never claimed to be. I have an eye for pretty (and usually expensive) things and I've been around the blogging block enough to know what's "in."
Since I have no money and no house, I make it a point to help other people spend that money on their house. You are welcome =) And apologies to your husbands.

Zgallerie has some really awesome new stuff:
You sick of chevron yet? Good, me neither. And I'm still loving orange, especially when it's a throw blanket
Zig zag dinnerware. Yes please
This lemon color is driving me insane. I want it
Ikat dinnerware. Rust-y orange.. and that little bowl looks awfully similar to ones they know longer sell at anthro
It's not new, but I'm newly in love with it.. The Greek Key wall mirror
And as if I needed more zig-zag... here's a floor lamp. Freaking rocks
New rugs!
Cute little owl bookends.. and only $20!
Moving on...
World Market. An international extravaganza for your eyes.
Pretty sure I've seen this expensive version in the blogging world. I just love these colors

 This headboard is amazing. end of story.
 Campaign side table.. on sale too!
 Cute little "lotus" bowls... because you need something to hold your keys. Or change. Or candy.
 And this beaut is definitely outta my budget, from But a brass bamboo stool? Of course I need it!
So this was totally not planned, I swear. I thought, wow a bunch of this stuff that I currently lust after totally could work together!...
This was a great distraction for me.. I forgot about food for about 20 minutes. Thanks for reading ;)

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