Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines in Vegas

Me (Stephanie) and Paityn (to post later) met our husbands down in Las Vegas for the weekend while they were working. The last time I went to Vegas was when my husband and I were engaged, and I was sick the whole time, so no bueno. Since then I've become obsessed with design, and I've always loved me some glamour.
That being said, has anyone been to Vegas lately and seen the new Cosmopolitan casino?? OMG... Vegas is all about the lights and that visual stimulation and the Cosmo (which opened in January) did not disappoint. It was just amazing to me, especially the ginormous crystal chandeliers, draping across the whole ceiling. Pictures do not do it justice but I'm gonna try!  

 Look at this thing!!
 There's the proof! I was there, posing by strands of sparkly beautifulness! I did feel very dorky and touristy but I don't care ;)
 I did not stay at the hotel... I wish! But I googled some of the rooms outta curiosity. Just as I suspected they are beautiful.

 OMG this lounge area was stunning... the silver sparkle and awesome furniture was heaven
 My husband and I were walking through and were so bothered because you have a place as amazing as this, and it already reeks of cigarette smoke.. oh the damage!
 Every bar looked like this.. so awesome

Amazing trip... and while I'm at it, I will post that I finally found some bed sheets in Vegas... at West Elm! Love that store
So how was your Valentine's Day??

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