Saturday, February 5, 2011


I'm amazed at what options are out there these days concerning decorating. Wallpaper is so much more EASY than it used to be, and now I've discovered these awesome stencils! You get the look of a graphic wallpaper but it's WAY cheaper... I really am determined to try these out.
Look what an effect this has! (This photo is from their website but I remember seeing it on

 Birch trees... so cool
Gotta love the trellis
 I can't imagine the strain of stenciling your ceiling but my goodness I love the ambition... it turned out amazing! (I also recognize this one from the blog Three Men and a Lady.. I'm that much of a blog stalker)!
To see some more awesome stencils, check out this website:


  1. This is crazy I just ordered some of these for my sisters house!!

  2. Imagina só,esse trabalho exige paciência e muito cuidado, porque tem um tempo de secagem para não borrar, demora muito, mas fica lindo, não tem preço, melhor fazer para quem aprecia os trabalhos feitos a mão.
    abraço Binis.


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