Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How to Decorate a Bookshelf

I have one mediocre bookshelf in my house, and I've changed things around at least 10 times, trying to get it just right.. this happen to anyone else? I mean, nothing is charming about a bunch of books crammed sloppily into shelving. Organization is the key but it also doesn't have to be boring. 

Here's some handy tips:
1. If possible, remove paper covers. Yes I know they're for protection, but they're also ugly, usually distracting and don't match. Hardcover books will be just fine and protected on your shelf without their covers, I promise
2. Change up the stacking direction- some vertical, some horizontal. Makes it more appealing
3. Display your personality in between stacks of books: a photo frame, mementos, anything with some kind of sentiment
4. Paint or add wallpaper (even fabric) to the back of your shelves.. Makes it really pop in a room.
5. Keep size dimensions in the same piles, or largest to smallest. Just make things flow
6. Stray papers or other knick knacks can be stored in decorative boxes
7. Don't be afraid to layer. You can put a photo in front of a stack of books, or overlap accessories.
8. I once heard a rule that your books should line up evenly at the front of the shelf. I've tried it and in my opinion, it does look better that way =)
7. And just a side note- Nate Berkus believes there should be a few books in every room, it adds depth and character =) And I pretty much trust everything Nate says!

Check out these awesome set-ups!

So beautiful with the wallpapered background, and the pops of gold accessories. Well honestly, the color scheme in this whole room is awesome!

Remaining images: luxxury living
Popular image for many reasons, but I love the see-through shelving and the eclectic vibe

Lots of books but everything is tidy. And LOVE those mirrors

I love this image... the stacked books at the bottom, and then the layering of frames at the top. And so color-coordinated!

Great for office storage

 And if you've got ugly books that clash or are torn or whatnot, why not face them backwards?


  1. Great tips on improving a bookshelf! Mine could use some serious help so thanks a bunch for the ideas. I think I'll start by taking off the covers and adding some pictures and then go from there. I love the new blog makeover!

  2. Fabulous! I've got this linked to my bookshelves post as well today, for inspiration!


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