Monday, February 21, 2011

The console table

Soooo not that I'm an expert, but I wanted to post things that'll hopefully help someone in their quest to dress their nest! (Ha nice rhyme eh?) I love good images that inspire and here's some favs: (and with some tips from marcus design).

Make sure the console table in functional if it's in the entryway: have a dish or cute tray as a catch-all for change, keys, etc. No one likes a disorderly foyer!

Layer your accessories and be sure they differ in sizes so that they're not all on the same plane

The eye naturally rests on symmetry, and it certainly suits the organized and orderly (which isn't me per se, but I'm still a fan!) Fits my husband to a T in fact...

Can't get any more orderly than this... each side literally mirrors the other

Very similar and I love this as well

Can I steal this sunburst mirror? And table/dresser? Oh and those little Asian statues?

Love the white

i love the neutrals, but then splash of color

This look is cool because it looks less staged, and more happenstance and casual. And really almost anything goes...

I will also take this lucite table

This is definitely off-centered.. and meant to be. Kinda tricky yeah?

Like totally..

I love me some awesome wallpapered backdrop!

Console table for your collections
Soooo I've learned a thing or two about collecting things: display them in odd numbers, and group them together instead of strewn about the house (or the room). Too many vignettes of the same object just look cluttery, but THIS looks very elegant

Alright, kinda a lot going on in this image but I like the idea of the little glass balls all on display

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