Wednesday, May 11, 2011

tis the season!

Who's ready for summer? I'm pretty stoked especially on days like today where the sun is out, it's warm but not too humid. Our pool opens in 10,  9 days and counting and I just love fun summery clothes and gear!

K if you didn't know, Dillards has some sweet beach towels, on sale for $20!
Oh i love this swimsuit so much.. but why do they not offer support?! This is a time where you can be grateful if you're flatter chested. From topshop
Cute right?! Forever XXI. Is it just me or does this model look short?? This makes me happy

I  think this is from Vicki's Secret.. gotta love a cute coverup

urban outfitters shades
Lilly Pulitzer has the perfect summer hues and cute stuff in general...
Love this tote!
So that being said, here's a great pic of me, just running on the beach... I know, I'm looking pretty good, I've been working hard.... K SIKE. 
No, I wish that was me, BUT I'm kind of feeling motivated right now. Me and Paityn are like crap, we've got like a week to get into swimsuit shape before the pool opens!
Summer just isn't as fun if you're feeling self- conscious. Here's some good eats I've found that help me at least to stay on track with my fitness goals... nutrition is 80% of it you know!

My husband and I discovered this a few months ago and it is now our staple:
Salsa is a great flavorful (and low-cal) sauce to put on so many dishes, but some people just gotta have the creamy stuff, or love their ranch. This combines the two, and is lite, and is soooo good. We have it with fresh veggies or splash it on tacos, it's delicious. (I think lite Ranch is disgusting, but mixed with salsa it's delish!)
Once upon a time I lived in Brazil. The Brazilians always talked about this acai berry that was rare even where I lived there but supposedly had crazy good health benefits and was delicious. Sure enough it's now the craze even here (please tell me you've heard of this!) but studies are showing great results. I just splash some into my post-workout protein shake everyday & it sweetens it up naturally. Yum

 Jillian Michaels is a big fan of these Larabars, so I decided to try em out this week. LOVE. 100% natural, only made from fruit and nuts. Great alternative to sugar and dessert cravings.

 Alright these I hesitate putting up because my husband hated them. Greek yogurt takes some time getting used to, I admit that. I still don't love the taste, but they had these greek yogurt popsicles at Costco, and for me, they are a winner. If you're wanting some fatty ice cream, have these stocked instead.. they're only 60 calories!
Sooo are you pumped yet to get in shape this summer?! Cuz after all.....

Sad but true, I know, I'm a hypocrite.. totally a closet eater ;)

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  1. Steph this was a timely post for me! I eat so much junk food at home, it's ridiculous really. I've been trying to stop the last few days...but it's SO hard being a mom at home all day with the kitchen only 5 feet away... So I tried teh don't-buy-it-so-you-can-eat-it philosophy, but just KNOWING the pantry is stocked with simple baking goods that could turn into sweets is just a trap. Sigh. So that quote at the bottom was both awesome and depressing... :( ha.

    That pic of the model running on the beach was intense! And that short model was super funny, I love that you noticed her shortness :)


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