Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Johnny A

I gotta say that Jonathan Adler was one of the first designers I familiarized myself with.. of all the images I saw of gorgeous and colorful interiors, it was Adler's that I was really drawn to. I think he's quite the genius and he doesn't seem to stick to the "rules."
I bought this book (on amazon of course) and while it's very kooky and over-the-top, it WILL make you happy!

So the reason for this post is that I've lately discovered Johnny's stuff for sale at random stores, and for decent prices! I never knew that he had stuff on the HSN network (I always just looked at Nate Berkus').
Cute dish sets, bedding, throw blankets, etc.
I found 2 sets of these lemon-lime chevron twin sheets for $20 each at Burlington Coat Factory of all places.. who knew??

$24 umbrella at francescascollections.com
 Okay so this lamp is not cheap but I happen to love it

Bright & cheery ipad covers.. francescas collections also

 Since he got his start in ceramics & pottery, he stays true to that with cool lamps, pitchers, S&P shakers, etc all sold on amazon.

Happy shopping =)

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