Monday, May 2, 2011

It's time for.... my favorite thiiiiings!!

By: Stephanie
Can I pretend for 2 seconds that I am Oprah and that people care about my favorite things and that I could give em out like it's no big deal? There's just so many fun things that I see and love and have to use every ounce of self control to not go crazy and rack up the credit card bills. I like to share so YOU can go spend the money on em! But hey Mother's Day is coming up & there's always a need for cute gift ideas, so let's go in that direction.... (It's ALSO my birthday in month but I am not hinting at anything I promise ;)

 voluspa candles are heaven. the huckleberry is my fav! 
Jonathan Adler umbrellas.. me and Paityn just found em at Francesca's Collections, a store very similar to UO and anthro

These cute little loafers are from Target. I'm really diggin em

 In love with this rug.. okay so maybe it's not a gift to someone, it's something you save up to buy yourself for YOUR next birthday! From

 Trina Turk kaleidoscope pillow
 Found this print at a local shop, and I looked it up on etsy. They have every letter and I thought it was rad, and unique. Eakdesign
 Still in love with chevron, and really want a lucite tray. This one is from etsy also.. tillymaison. I personally think these are great gifts- they can be used in any room, for any purpose
 Don't need an iphone cover? But you WANT one, especially when they're this cute!! From etsy, daninotes

 I'm sick of vivint pens disappearing and reappearing around our house.. I want my own set of cute ones!
 This hexagon mirror is very cool.. modernchichome
 I've seen this owl umbrella stand in many a magazine and I still want it. I don't even own an umbrella but I could! Also from modernchichome
 Saw this collection the other day at World Market, and just loved the colors. Also could be an awesome gift
 Love the colors in these handtowels! worldmarket
So in love with this dress from Shabby Apple!

And these lamps are to die for! Robert Abbey from, they have soooo many colors, I dunno how I would ever choose!


  1. Querida, adoro receber sua visita e fico impressionada com o seu Português perfeito e, por causa disso, sempre penso que é uma brasileira que está escrevendo.


  2. Those Voluspa candles are insane - half of the reason to go to Anthropologie is for all of the great smells! :)


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