Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Masterpiece if you ask me!

Paityn here:) My little sisters Bestie Kaila did this amazing project. When she posted it on her blog I thought I just had to share with everybody!  She saw this headboard from West Elm and fell in love with it. The only problem was it cost $440.00 so she took matters into her own hands and made it herself. 
 Above is the West Elm headboard and below is the one she made. So great right?!
The Amazing finished product! Seriously Well done Kaila!! Go to Kaila's blog for the how to.

Here is what she used and how much it cost:

plywood- $12.00 (the only thing purchased not 50% off)
wall hangers- $5.00
foam- $20.00
batting- $8.00
fabric- $15.00
2 button cover kits- $10.00
total= $70.00
amount saved= $370.00...totally worth it!

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  1. Oh my - it looks fantastic. I am seriously kicking myself - I had my eye on that headboard and another nail-studded one from West Elm for the longest time before I caved and let my boyfriend talk me into our set from RC Willey. He had an issue with making such a big purchase on something you've only seen online/in catalogs. Don't get me wrong, I love our bed - it's just about the only thing I loved in that massive store, but oh man man $$$.


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