Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Geology 101

I like rocks. I got an A in my BYU geology class several years ago so obviously I'm a rock expert. Totally kidding, I don't know remember anything about them except that they're.. so freakin pretty! I've been seeing lots of semi-precious stone- influence in both jewelry and home decor.. and it just plain rocks (no pun intended). 

This is azurite.. I had never heard of it, but isn't it so striking?! I'd like a big chunk of it just as a little decorative object.

anthropologie has these super cool coasters, in several colors for $32.. and none are the same, so it's very unique

I am going to buy this necklace asap, from Urban Outfitters.. so cool
 And little rock earrings, also from UO

I love the texture these provide in a room... crystal/quartz lamps

LOVE these lamps

I've seen malachite popping up in design mags & such... and it's my latest obsession, of course, cuz it's green

 Cool table with a stone top

 in love with these bookends

 going big with furniture.. this is faux malachite, but I still love it

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  1. I am loving just about every single item on the list! Have you seen the big chunky amethyst rings floating about lately? http://www.etsy.com/shop/mooreaseal?section_id=6933359 - like those, but preferably a tad smaller. So cute :)

    The minute I laid eyes on those coasters from Anthropologie I bought two! They're so affordable [especially for Anthro] and they're one of my favorite hings in my bedroom!


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