Monday, May 9, 2011

Jewelry giveaway!!!

My husband's friend's wife, Amy (yeah i know that's kinda complicated) makes jewelry and headbands and has a shop on etsy that I am in love with! I ordered some flower earrings in green and they are one of my favorites ever!
Aren't these so cute? They make great gifts & she's got lots of fun colors

 So Amy is giving away a pair of these cute fabric button earrings for free! AND is offering 15% off your order if you write her a message, saying you heard about her from me =) Sooo to enter, leave a comment on this post, about which of her fabric buttons you would like!
Here is her shop: Mia

You've got a week, so get goin on the comments!!


  1. OOO I really like the red polkadot ones! I would like to buy those yellow ones- very cute and creative!!!

  2. I love the teal and white ones!

  3. I love the teal and white ones too, and I'm loving the flower ones, just might have to get myself some of those! People are so talented, I love it :)

  4. all of her stuff is darling! i love the red and white ones!


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