Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Taxes Schmaxes

It's April so that means it's Tax time.. bleh. Actually apparently there's only a few more days to do them! My husband has a tax guy so luckily I never have to deal with it. So let me tell you what I know about doing taxes.. nothing. Except that it's probably funner with cute office accessories helping you out! (you'll never have a better excuse than now to stock up on office supplies that are cute and not boring, so get on it!)

Storage boxes, Target
new notebooks from Target.. love the colors

 amazon file folders
 amazon bling calculator
amazon butterfly notebook

planner from amazon

totally love these.. wastebaskets from haymarket designs
Also love these and want them bad. Fashionable pens and pencils from iomoi.com

Cute little paper tags from paper-source. Everyone needs these right? ;)

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