Friday, April 29, 2011

Seeing spots

Guys, I'm just really feelin the leopard lately. I dunno what it is, but I'm diggin the clothes, I'm diggin the fabrics, just everything. Do you equate leopard with hooker? I kinda do too... or old ritzy lady? Or how about old lady dressing like a hooker. Speaking of which I saw an emaciated lady at the grocery store yesterday, only from the back. She was so skinny, sporting tight jeans with holes, and her blonde hair was teased so high I could see her scalp. She didn't even need to turn around for me to know she was 80 years old and TRYING TOO HARD. And she wasn't even wearing leopard, so that's besides the point...
Regardless of the fashion and decorating disasters by people who are embarrassing themselves, leopard and animal prints CAN be classy!! After all I was reminded on some show today that they are a neutral, you can pair it with any color!
I kinda think some animal print steps the glam factor up a notch, and you can mix it with all sorts of styles and patterns.
 Cute chairs yeah? What white spotted animal is this from, I'm not sure?

 Kimora Lee Simmons closet: sweet rug

I wouldn't think to use a bunch of orange, accented by leopard rug and pillows but it rocks
 brabourne farm

You can barely see em, but there's leopard pillows on each end of the sofa. See? Goes with everything!

So have I convinced you yet? Imma be buying me some leopard stuff reeeeal soon.

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