Monday, April 11, 2011

lavender lovin

First off...
So long Utah! Both Paityn and I have moved to St. Louis, MO for the summer. Background story if you don't personally know us...  Our husbands work together, managing a team of sales guys for vivint, an alarm company. We follow them out every summer, to whatever location they put us. Needless to say we are the REAL desperate housewives... sales style. 
Leaves us lots of time on our hands to do stuff like play around on the internet and shop for housewares, ya know, the usual ;)
Here's me and my sidekick, Carter who survived the long drive merely by Despicable Me on his portable DVD player. Highly recommend it (I know, don't you love our ghetto hotel in the background? That's Kansas...)
So it's springtime here, and I am loving it. The tulips are out, there's rain but also sunshine and let me tell ya, Missouri is beautiful. Any readers from the midwest? 
I'm in a springtime mood and the little purple flowers around here are tickling my fancy, so here's to lovely lavender

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  1. I'm in St. Louis if you ever want to meet up!!
    : )


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