Monday, April 18, 2011

OFFICE plans

(This is Steph again now)
For probably a year I've been mulling in my brain ideas for our home office, which is at the moment non-existent, but I still had fun putting together at least something. I figure our house is & will be pretty girly, I've got some floral prints and cutesy patterns, so I wanted at least some masculinity in the office to appease my husband =)
He hasn't seen it yet, mostly because I'm constantly showing him ideas that he cares little about so I decided I'd wait til we get back to Utah. But I'll show you! I totally love this white desk, and then wanted some black and neutrals with a few pops of color. The yellow-green pattern is for drapery. (I do have a backup color if he rejects my coral). My favorite thing is the awesome Robert Abbey taupe lamp on the left. I will be saving up my pennies for that!!

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