Thursday, April 28, 2011

Project for the housewife

I can not take credit for this super cute and creative silverware makeover, for I saw it on the way we are a couple weeks ago, but I totally loved it!
We live a weird lifestyle, where we bring out like half of our belongings- the crappy half- for the summer, and unfortunately I only have one good set of silverware... we've been using plastic disposables for the past 2 weeks, so I was excited to do a little bargain project-o.
I did a little googling of these, and I found em for sale for $35 a piece!!!! Ridiculous. And mine cost $0.25! (Plus the plasti-dip but we'll get to that).

This is what it looks like, the site you can buy em at, I don't remember... but just don't do it. Make your own.
I loved the color, but could only find plasti-dip in basic tool colors: red, yellow, black, etc. Plasti-dip is that rubbery stuff you dip the handles of pliers in, usually found at Home Depot and the like.
Again, I did a little googling and found Plasti-Dip Create your own color Kit!! So stoked about it, though it was around $22 but split it with a friend. This stuff is way flammable & toxic, so keep the place well ventilated

I rummaged through silverware at Goodwill, and found 6 of each (so 18 pieces of silverware) for $4.50 total, and they're all mismatching. Personally, I like the floral ones best and it could be cute all matching, but then again it's fun like this.

So the how-to:
Really you just follow instructions on the plasti-dip can, but you gotta let them hang to dry for at least 4 hours. So what I ended up doing is tying dental floss (ya I'm ghetto and that's the only string I had) around the top of each, and then I hung em from my spice cupboard, with a can holding each down.. it worked! And just know that the stuff looks super thick and not very good, but it dries thinner so the pattern on the silverware shows through still.
These sweet napkins I found at Home Goods recently, love em!

But then again they look super cute with my napkins for my husband's birthday today!


  1. That's such a cool idea, very unique! And I like the mismatching utensil idea. So fun!

  2. Those are so perfect! I have got to try these sometime!

  3. what did you have to order from the company? i have been looking into this idea but want to do a couple different colors. do i have to order multiple things or one kit?

    1. Hi i don't know if you're going to get this "anonymous" but the kit comes with the primary colors, you just mix them up! As far as I recall, I just ordered it from Amazon.. search for plasti-dip


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