Tuesday, November 2, 2010

W is for Wallpaper

If you haven't noticed, wallpaper is back in a big way. No longer that gawdy permanent nuisance that is impossible to remove, wallpaper has become much more friendly.. and stylish!
I'm digging the 3 different patterns in this room, somehow they all go!

Geometric patterns are creeping into my list of favorites

What can I say about this?! Headboard- amazing, mirror- gorgeous, and coordinating wallpaper? To die for!
How cool is this room by Jonathan Adler?

I love the idea of these next couple pictures, of framing wallpaper as an accent

And it's not just for the walls! Spruce up a ho-hum piece of furniture or shelving, it just brightens everything up!


  1. I LOVE the wood floors in the 1st and 5th pictures - So gorgeous!
    I love all the new wallpaper designs, and I've had such a struggle choosing paint for my ground level bedroom and hate the texture of the walls [it's this ever so slightly bumpy texture they must've sprayed on when the place was built 30 years ago - subtle enough that we could ignore it if we had to, but just ugly enough to deserve a makeover, so wallpaper seems like a reasonable solution, but wallpaper is still such a scary word after years of drab designs and wallpaper-removal horror stories! Do you have any advice or suggestions?

  2. Wallpaper still scares me, but I love the way it looks in these rooms! I like the idea of using wallpaper as an accent instead of the whole wall being covered.

  3. Ha, yes I agree.. as pretty as it is, I'd be scared doing it myself too. But yeah Caroline- if the texture of your wall is just not cutting it, wallpaper might just be the ticket! I've even seen people "upholster" their wall with fabric... there's an adhesive just for that, and it comes off clean, is less permanent (will last like 3 years before it starts to peel, which I kinda think is nice, because you'd probably be ready for another change by then!) Or you could paint but cover your wall with art, such as a whole wall of frames, so you wouldn't even notice the texture. Check out betterhomesandgardens.com if you decide to wallpaper, they have some good tips =)

  4. I love these rooms! I especially like the first one and the blue tuffted headboard. Where dO I get one of those? My mom is a pro at walpaper.

  5. Oh I love these images! I especially love the first one- It makes me want to laquer the piece of furniture in my entry way. And the wallpaper in cubbies? LOVE IT!


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