Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Out with the old, in with the cute

We - I should say my husband- had a coffee table that I haven't been the biggest fan of since we've been married. Just not my style. So I sold it on Craig's List.. he was kinda mad, but it had sharp edges and I have a toddler. Enough said! Now I wanted something glass and transparent (makes the room open up) but I knew that a messy-hands toddler with a glass table ALSO is a bad idea. So to put function before looks, I decided on a storage ottoman coffee table, all in one. That way I can corral all his toys and HIDE THEM AWAY!! 
I've looked around, and the average price for one of these was $250 online, outta my budget. Plus I did not want brown and brown was EVERYWHERE. Sooo on a trip up to Home Goods, I decided I'd find a bargain, and that I did. I found a storage ottoman (unfortunately it was brown) and the seam was torn all across the top! It was on clearance for $80. 
I bought the thing, and after some rebuking from my husband, I convinced him it was a good idea and a good deal. I had leftover fabric from a tablecloth I purchased at TJ, and covered the top.
 There. Less brown and it matches my pillows. Done deal. And you wouldn't believe all the toys hidden in there! I sprayed it with fabric protector because after all I do have a toddler, but I'm loving it so far.


  1. That is really cute! I love the fabric you found. I'm struggling with finding storage options for our home - particularly the upstairs. It has a really open layout, which I love, but that leaves little space for built in storage. Most of our furniture and all of our kitchen is from Ikea- which is nice because it's affordable and easy to find options than match - but I feel like its starting to look like an Ikea catalog threw up in our house :)

  2. I love this!..I have the same brown one that I got for about that price at target and replaced the legs with Mid Century Modern Peg-legs (at lowes) and covered it in Joel Dewberry's DeerValley

    I wanted a soft toy-box for my toddler son...but hate the espresso look.


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