Friday, November 12, 2010

Julie's dining room update

So I like to pretend I run a business and get paid good money for it, but alas, I'm totally content doing what I love for free! (Although this is not going to be a permanent situation!) So to feed this obsession of mine, I've been doing a few projects for friends online, re-arranging or decorating a particular room or two in their house. One of my besties Julie emailed me some pictures of her dining room. She has cute taste and I used some of the fun accessories she bought, and designed two options with those things in mind.
Her cute dining room... she rents so there's not a TON she can change, and is on a limited budget, but I thought of a few fun and affordable ways to pull it together...

Option 1: designing around her art panels
Option 2: Designing around her table runner

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