Friday, November 19, 2010

Bijou Market

I've heard about the Bijou Market that occurs around this time every year in Provo, but I hadn't ever gone til today! Local sellers who have home-made all their items come to sell in one location (kind of like a big Etsy party!) I'm very excited about my goods I picked up! (Don't tell my husband please).
First off- disregard how crappy my camera is!!
I am a fan of black and white, and felt my ugly couch needed one more pillow. I love black and white with colors, and came across this pillow with a bow! Score

 So this is a spill mat/play mat/mess mat for kids. I have been so sick of Carter throwing his food on the floor and having to mop every day, so this is my solution!

 And I'm in love with these prints. (Can you tell I'm really into stripes lately?) And excuse the glare, but this little print is the shape of Brazil, where I served my mission. She custom does any US state, a few countries, and you can pick the colors! The frame was an ugly brown Target frame we got for our wedding- the sad thing is I actually registered for it! Looks much better spray painted white, as does many an ugly frame =)


  1. I so need a spill mat/mess mat. Good idea!!

  2. over from paityns blog! so glad you like your brazil print!

  3. oh i love the freshly picked pillows, she always uses down and they are so nice. I worked at the L.A renagdes fair with girl who makes those Susan and she was the nicest person!! i wanted one of her pillows really bad!


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