Friday, November 5, 2010

Craig's List made easy

Alright sooooo, I discovered a new site called Since I encourage all my readers to shop Craig's List, KSL, whatever local online classifieds you have for good deals, I'm excited for this new website that makes it easier, shopping by picture! You know how Craig's List just lists the items, then you have to click on it to see the picture, etc. It gets very tedious and you lose your patience before you even find the goods! Go to and follow the instructions. You will drag the link to your toolbar of favorites, then once you open Craig's List and make a search, you click on that link, which will pull up only the pictures. Makes it so much funner!!
I've been on a search for an office chair for a little while, looking for nothing in specific, just something cute. Of course I got side tracked and found some other fun chairs!
These bar stools (sorry it's blurry) are cool because they're industrial-looking. Spray painted a fun color would make them sooo much cuter though.. and they're only $30 a piece!
 When you're looking for furniture, look for a cute shape, not the color. This lime green is way too bright for me and the fabric doesn't really go, but you could re-do this, and it would be beautiful! It's listed for $65, and remember most sellers will negotiate price. =)
 Club chair is $65.. way good deal considering it's brand new, just left over at a liquidation store
 Not your grandma's chair... anymore. i actually kind like that this is silvery-gray, but to make it more up-to-date, you could paint the legs a glossy black or something and add some colorful pillows! It's $100
 The front of this chair is cool, but I love the studs around the back. These are in great condition, have a vintage chair, and they're selling 2 for $200... I'd offer $150 =)

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