Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blog stalkers: Identify yourselves!!

I'm a blog stalker, yes I am, admittedly. There's nothing wrong with that. And I welcome any blog stalkers to my blog(s) because, well that's why I blog, so people can read them! I just like to know who you are. Thus I won't feel like I'm jabbering off to myself, posting things that I only I look at or care about!
I'm asking for some comments people, and followers! This is how I intend to get a business up and running in the future, so I appreciate your help!

Thank you much =)


  1. Comments are over rated! Ha ha ha! I feel the same way all the time about my blog. I follow yours (both of them) don't worry!

  2. You know I follow both of yours too--though for the time being usually only dream of decorating a house :)

  3. I'm a blog stalker! But I think you already knew that since I comment occasionally :)

  4. i'll start commenting more : )

  5. I'm a stalker! Haha! Love your style!


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