Thursday, November 4, 2010

Anything but blah

Normally I don't love pastels... and I have a  hard time committing to an entire neutral theme, as I tend to find them blah and boring. But I can't deny there is something so calming and refreshing about neutrals. I keep telling myself I'll have at least one room in my house that is toned down, but I can't help throwing a pop of something exciting in there! Here's some of my favorites- yellow is obviously very "in" right now!
Love these coffee tables... I almost bought some very similar from TJ Maxx but they just didn't go, sadly
Browns, tans, and other neutrals are jazzed up with a fancy chandelier and zebra print.
How can you not be happy with these yellow accents?
I love this room, I do. It's so interesting

1 comment:

  1. i love that chandelier! I think Jamie should do a yellow thing, i saw a chandelier like this at the DI just a few weeks ago. we need to go!


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