Friday, January 21, 2011

Just for fun

Anyone watch the Golden Globes a couple days ago? Me neither, BUT all over entertainment news, I keep seeing coverage from the red carpet and some of the dresses this year blew me away! (I mean, that's the only reason we watch those shows, right ladies?) So I decided to post some favorites

Green goddesses
 OKAY I love it. Emerald green is calling to me big time. Has anyone else noticed that Mila Kunis has a mini me?? Julie Bowen's daughter on Modern family?? I swear they could be twins
 Angie. Very covered up, but love the color. I've said it once and I'll say it again, this girl needs to put on weight. I don't know why there's so much hype about her emaciated grandma bones!
Oh Cathy Z, you stunner. Can you get any more beautiful? Apparently you do, even in your 40's. (She IS in her 40's right?)

Well this is such a shiny number and it's gold and great, but I'm especially a sucker for backless
 Xtina. I am very much over your red lipstick, bleached hair and pin-up girl style, but this dress is beautiful
 Eva. where'd those boobs come from?! This dress was backless too. Awesome
Poor Nat got some flack for her dress from the likes of Joan Rivers (shocking I know), but I like this, especially since she's prego!
 Olivia Wilde. Did you know her real name is Olivia Cockburn?!!! (bahaha) Anyhow, a smidge prom-my to me, but it's sparkly and amazing still. Hair's gotta go however
 Scar Jo.. newly singled, poor girl but I dig this vintage-y dress. Old Hollywood Glamour rocks my world. Period.


  1. my favorites were all the green dresses Mila was my favorite! but you missed Christina Hendrix I thought she looked amazing with the beautiful oversize corsage framing her face I thought she was a total stunner! but then I am such a sucker for redheads!

  2. I started laughing to myself when you showed Cathy Z....all I could think was "Call me Cat".


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