Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm baaaaaack

Wow what a trip. 7 days of paradise on a cruise ship with no phones, no baby, no worries. BUT I did miss my little Carter and I'm actually quite glad to be back to reality... I just get way behind on my blog stalking.
So I'm obsessed with the interiors of Mary McDonald.. so clean but glamorous and lots of color. Here's some of my favorites! And yes I'm sure you've already seen most of these on mine (and especially others' blogs), but hey, they are totally worth seeing again!
I"m totally loving the black and white right now (obviously, I talk about it like every day). but here's got the punches of red that are spot on
Relaxed and natural 
 amazing wallpaper, and as always, I can't get enough of green!
 Holy pink.. I'm digging it
 This screams my sister... it's edgy and exciting but sophisticated
 Who woulda thought to put these colors together? and to actually pull it off?? genius
Loving the peacock blue. I'm thinking a dining room in the future would be amazing this color
THE headboard
 And one of my all time favorites. Everything is perfecto

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