Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bathroom glam

Don't you love a good makeover? BHG.com has wonderful before-and-afters and today we are highlighting bathrooms!!

What the dungeon? I love gold, and that's a unique mirror, but don't you HATE not being able to see your whole self in the mirror?? Just too dated and dark
 Amazing.. Paint the walls, paint the sink/dresser, and new mirror and fixtures. Honestly this could not have been that expensive, but the effect is huge! So much brighter!

Looks like something we've probably all seen... a project started but not finished.
 Love everything about this... that sink is so cute, the white, with the fun curtain, it's just beautiful
 Bachelor pad bathroom... do I even need to comment?
 LOVE. This is  modern, masculine, but fresh and interesting

 Ew ew ew. Everything is just grandma
Sooo much better
And voila!

 Don't we all have vanities like this one? Nothing terribly wrong with it, but not all that exciting
 And wow.. shock value. Amazing what that wall covering adds, yeah?
Ohhhh my goodness. I don't even know what to say. This is horrendous

 AHHHH white is just so amazing! I love that they even kept the mirror, but just painted it (my favorite trick of course). Same pedestal sink but it looks so much more current.


  1. Wow! what a transformations! I love Before&After photos!!! beijos
    Achados de Decoração

  2. I LOVE that last bathroom. And it looks exactly like the one we will have!


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