Friday, January 7, 2011

Continuation of the maxx

I don't go to tj maxx everyday although it must appear that I do. Here's the thing.. I promised my hubs I would not buy anything more for our condo til next year when we move into a house. Such a resolution is waaaay too difficult so I'm just holding out as long as I can! But since I'm in arizona and there's a maxx across the street what's a decorator to do?! I went over in need of some shorts for our cruise (hooray by the way!) and I just can't resist looking at the furnishings. So we have some more delicious tj goods for your enjoyment. Now I post these so someone else cam go buy them since I can't ;)
Love these peacock blue chairs

I've been seeing this fabric all over design blogs, I think it's so cute and resembles mine a little in my living room.

Black lacquered boxes. Very chic

More bowls in more colors!

Awesome lantern

Okay this is not tj maxx. This is from roomservicestore .com, one of my absolute favorite websites. I have been lusting after this desk for a WHILE, price tag is $1700. I gave up hopes of ever owning it.

Um hello cutesy side tables and desk EVER! The same desk at the maxx for $200.. I was beside myself.

Yeah she's such a beauty. How come MY tj maxx in Orem doesn't have awesome stuff like this?! Of yeah, cuz it's so picked over by people like me. Anyhow I want this and we NEED a desk for reals but then again I am being taken on vacation in 1.5 days, so I will dream on...

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  1. I was just there tonight! I looked at the same end table and was drooling over all the cute stuff! I ended up with two lamps and a kitchen rug! LOVE!


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