Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hope you had a fabulous New Years Eve... and that you got a smooch at midnight ;)

Ikea just launched a new catalog featuring design trends for 2011. I'm seeing lots of modern and lots of white, I love it.

And I've been looking around to see what's gonna be hot in 2011 as far as decorating, and here's some fun tips for the coming year...

Eco-Decorating: colors inspired by nature, and materials that are environmentally friendly

Clothing Inspired Decorating: colors that you know look good on you also look good around you. So take a trip through your closet and note your favorite colors, prints, and styles and translate it to your interiors!

Music Influenced Decorating: Obscure but trendy, decorating is being influenced by musical styles. Country fans would lean towards rugged and earthy, while heave metal listeners might go for black and metallics.

Vivid and Bright Decorating: Forget the financial depression, people are wanting to infuse their homes with bright and happy colors. Go bold or more reserved, but throw in something exciting!

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