Thursday, January 20, 2011

I think it's about that time...

Soooo, I got a sewing machine for Christmas! Seems like a pretty legit one, and I was very excited. Now mind you, I haven't touched a sewing machine since I was, what, 12 when my mom tried to teach me how to make my own skirts. I've got lots of reviewing and learning (period) to do but I'm really excited because may I remind you I promised my husband I wouldn't buy anything more for our condo. But I never promised I wouldn't MAKE anything!! And our curtains we have goin on in our kitchen are horrendous. I'd post it but it's too embarrassing... I'll wait til there's a before and after so you can just appreciate the AFTER.
 Did a little browsing at the hancock today and found so many cute fabrics. Not matching my house at all, but cute nonetheless!

 This one is strange to me, but for some reason I like it. Folk-ish with reindeers and elephants?

 I really loved this color combo- coral with light pink, gray and cream. This would be adorable in a girl's room!

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  1. if you love fabric stores you should really visit the 2$ fabric store next to Micheals in Orem they have the most amazing selection and prices on fabric, including their selection of uphuolstery fabric. I love to get myself and diet coke and wonder looking for new fabric for chairs and my large scale fabric art.

    I call it the 2$ fabric store cause thats what it was called when I was a kid now it's called something else.


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