Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hallway glam

You know how you always want what you don't have? That certainly applies to me and the desire for an entryway table. I very much dislike walking into my front door, and BAM I'm already in the living room! One day I'll have the wonderful entryway table like these beauties...
I'm digging the neutral with that hot pink surprise! Also, love the modern mixed with glam. soooo my taste
 I've posted this pic before... hate the lamps, just way too old-looking for me, but the idea is pretty sweet
 So pretty and unique
 There's my chair that I still am coveting...
 Simply neutral, but oh so pretty!
 What is that art? TP rolls on plates?! Or spools of thread??  Cakes? Whatever, I still like it
 OHhhhh I love this. The chair, the green, the metallic lamps. In fact I am very seriously thinking of transforming my room into this kind of style. Seriously.

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