Friday, December 3, 2010


Okay folks, this calls for some serious opinions. First off I have a story...
Rule #1: Every bedroom needs a headboard.
That's the only rule
I've been wanting a headboard for a while, but we're going to be switching out our bedding and redecorating eventually (when I say we, I mean ME). I've been leaning towards a tufted upholstered one so it would be so luxurious and comfortable but I thought, if I found one that was pretty cool and cute- and cheap!- I'd just go with that.
SOOO I do my weekly Craig's List/KSL browsing to see if anything catches me eye... Lo and behold I see THIS headboard.
I think wow that has some cool lines, and painted that could look really awesome. Best part, it was $5!! FIVE! Nevermind that I had to spend $20 in gas and 90 minutes driving up to Salt Lake to buy it from a couple of hippies, with a child that apparently was sick (AGAIN!) and barfed in the truck on the way up there. Awesome.
Anyhow, I bring it home, clean it off with some Lysol, and put it behind the bed, as you see in this picture. For the rest of the day I'd look at it and think uhhhh I don't really like it, there is something CREEPY about it. It's old, ugly, dark wood, and it was freaking me out a bit. Then I realized why... they look like HEADSTONES!!! Ew ew ew so gross, I feel like we're sleeping in graves!!! And since my husband was outta town last night, I was even more freaked out, yeah I'm weird. Does anyone else see that though?!! 
Anyhow, I do need a headboard and I am HOPING that once it's cleaned up and painted something cool, I won't think I'm hopping into my death bed every night.
So I guess I will keep it, and if it's that bad still, I'll put it in the guest bedroom lol, sorry if you come stay with us, muahahaha!
That being said, I'm thinking about my possibilities, and of course it's going to depend a lot on what color scheme I end up doing, but I like to hear other people's takes on what they think looks good.
I've gathered some before and afters online of repainted furniture. Any suggestions?
I'm actually really digging this... The black and white against a bright wall

 Simple but elegant white- I tend to do glossy white a lot, so I'm trying to venture out a little

 I enjoy orange, but only in small doses (oh and I realize this is an entertainment stand, but you get the idea). I'd probably do white with something else. But I don't know if there's really exact lines to paint in, on the headboard.

I love the idea with these mirrors, and I'm really liking the color, "grellow"- between green and yellow if you didn't pick up on that
So what do I do?!


  1. I vote for the black and white one a:)

  2. Oh that made me laugh! You're too much :) I do like the white and black headboard a good bit. I wish I had an eye for looking at the "bones" of a piece of furniture and being able to see what a coat or two of paint could do for it. I'll be really interested to see how it turns out. I think as long as you stay away from dull dark colors it won't look tombstoney. Maybe a wide piece of art or something above it to unify the two arches a bit?


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