Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Guys, I really need an apron. I never thought I did, I mean it never occurred to me that I should be cooking while wearing one.. until I stumbled upon some amazingly CUTE ones on anthropologie's website. I mean, they're so cute I want to wear them all day, like a dress! I realize Christmas is just days away and I've probably already been shopped for, so I'm not counting on it this year... but maybe next? Take note =) Oh and you know what the best part is? They're affordable! Around $30-38


And I'm in love with these bath towels... My husband thinks we don't need any new ones, but I think most guys are content on using the same old towel for years at a time. But hey these are more decorative anyway! I must have them.


  1. How funny! Just a few hours ago I almost bought the red half-apron you just posted! I have it's light blue full-length cousin and I love it! I've had it a year and a half and I wear it all the time - it's held up great through being washed a bunch too.
    If you live at all near the Gateway, that Anthropologie is having some killer sales right now! J. Crew and Loft are having really great deals too!

  2. My mother gave me a gift of white Anthro towels when Chris came home form Alaska. I love the way they look and how fun they are, but they don't absorb water very well. They look gorgeous so I leave them up in the bathroom to look at but actually use my huge fluffy towels from Costco.

    They are super pretty as hand towels though.

    and Aprons are always a good investment!!! I love mine from Anthro it was actually really high quality.


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