Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Tablescape

FIRST OFF- Ignore how horrific the quality of these pictures are. I am having a disintegration of my electronics... My camera hit the dust, and my cell phone is, well... old.  
Anyhow, I keep seeing tables decorated so beautifully for Christmas and I got jealous. I don't typically set my table and decorate it just for fun... in fact, I've never done that, but I just felt I needed something to decorate since my husband's gone! That's just what I do.
Most of the stuff I already had, the black and white candles, dinnerware, etc.
I knew TJ Maxx once again would deliver...
I got the tablecloth, napkins, and placemats there.
My favorite little S & P shakers... bought this summer for $3 for both at Pier1!
 Very cool placemats.. they're kind of like a thick felt. I figured they'd be pretty versatile

 I don't LOVE the napkins, but they go

 So do you remember my DIY tray I did a while back? I changed it out for Christmas, and I'm so excited to have stolen this idea from another blogger, because that's what I had in mind, I just couldn't figure out how to execute it for some reason. SO I just cut out wrapping paper, lined it, and bought a sheet of plexiglass from Hobby Lobby for $2, cut it to size, and Voila!! I plan to change it for every season.. or with the change of decor... or whenever I get bored... Unfortunately it's too big for my table so it's just perched on my ottoman for the time being
 And I was so excited about this... but this is green crocodile wrapping paper. I don't even know how much it was, I just snatched it up real quick.

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