Wednesday, October 6, 2010

For the babies

To McKenna, Jenna, and any and all of my pregger friends right now!

Glam but masculine colors... I love green but I dunno if I could go this bold!

I love this.. the colors are so cute and just so you know, black and brown DO go together!

Adorable pink and blue

Those round things on the wall are those craft stitching rings covered in fabric =)

So pretty and dainty, reminds me of anthro... must be the chandelier

Beach theme for a boy- so cute. Love the shovels on the wall

Another bold black and green

Sweet and pretty again. I really like the shiny silver

I'm loving the blue/orange combo right now.. and guess what.. the DAD designed this room!

I so wish I had the patience to paint stripes like this

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