Saturday, October 30, 2010


So I'm in love with a few things lately.. but I'm also shopping around to find the look for less!
This sequined pillow is beautiful (I love the black and white contrast) and retails at $88 but is on sale at bellacor for about $64
Similar pattern made from silk by a woman in India ( found on Etsy) is sold for $28.95! I actually think this is more realistic, not worrying about sequins falling off. This etsy seller, by the way, is Home Centric and I'm in love with all of her pillows! She has such reasonable prices for the detail and nice materials.

This is called a ghost chair by Kartell and it's $422.30. As much as I love it, I would never pay that!

I've found it as little as $133, just doing a google shopping search
 I love this ikat print.. I've noticed this pattern show up all over the place, including sets for tv shows (I'm ridiculous that I notice that)!
This one is from Urban Outfitters for $325
This one is from and is $235. I realize it's more yellow but I kinda wonder if it's really that different from the UO one. UO tends to jack up the prices on a lot of things that you can find elsewhere. Still love em though!

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