Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Wonderfulness of Etsy

If you haven't discovered the online phenomenon of all things homemade called etsy, it's time to get with it!  I could spend HOURS, DAYS even searching for the most random things that I never knew I "needed." From clothes to art to home decor, there are loads of fun and unique items. I've marked some of my favorite shops:

Art print

throw pillow
 bird print

 throw pillow covers

Family tree art

the cutest prints ever!

And I recently found some cute jewelry from Mia. Funny story actually... shipping is usually pretty reasonable, but when I ordered this jewelry, I got an email from the seller saying she lives in Provo and would just bring them to me! (She turned out to be a friend of my husband's... who knew?!) I realized recently also that you can search locally to see what shops are near you and you wouldn't have to pay shipping at all =)

I just bought some similar.. cute yes?

Oh and I almost forgot... sometimes Christian art can get a little cheesy, especially if it's older, but I LOVE these modern takes..

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