Saturday, October 30, 2010

OMG talk about a makeover!

Sooooo being the blog stalker that I am, I came across a blog called It's loaded with awesome DIY makeovers that can transform a space for CHEAP! I'm a total copycat, but the girl who writes the blog posted this, and I just have to pass it on....

Ever wonder how celebrities stay so amazing-looking? Well they don't....
Madonna, always getting attention for being in her 50's and looking that hot, but uhhhh... lighting sure helps does it not?!
 Mariah, we all knew that wasn't your real bod, it's okay
Kim K's got it going on, but you can definitely seem some cinching and erasing of cellulite. At least she owns it!
My oh my, well I definitely feel a little better about myself. I mean honestly, wouldn't we all look that good with the right crew?!

Anyhow, on to furniture!!
I have told many of my friends... SHOP AT THRIFT STORES! Don't look for cute things, cuz there are none. Look for things that have potential. It's safe to say we all grew up with a gold lamp like this in our house, or have seen it outside a trash bin. But look at the transformation!

And this bad boy... brassy chandelier uggh. Wasn't the biggest fan of purple, but hello beautiful light fixture!

My sister's got a brown piano, and brown's cool and everything, but have you ever pictured it white??

PAINT, my friends. It's a wonderful thing

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