Friday, January 4, 2013

New job

Okay who am I kidding? I do not have a job. My job is to keep a toddler alive while growing a baby for 2 1/2 more weeks in my HUGE belly. So I guess pretty much I do have an exhausting job- just without pay ;)

My sister Val works at a dental office. Her dentist she works for (thanks to her persuasion and input), hired me on to redecorate their patient waiting room!

Never done this before.

The initial instructions I was given was to make it homey, create more space, and brighten it up with lighting. It's currently all brown, dark, and gloomy.

I brainstormed and came up with some options:
Soft tan and cream, or cream with blues.

Both me and my sister loved these ideas, but the dentist vetoed it. Still trying to peg down what exactly he wants, and it's pretty much opened my eyes to the fact that clients are picky, they don't always know what will look best (or they plain have bad taste), and your job as a "designer" (or pretend-one like myself) is to give THEM what they WANT. I think I'd struggle big time if I chose this as a career. I hate when people request ugly or dated things!! I don't feel much pride in something I don't find visually appealing. 

Anyways, this weekend, I'm redesigning this waiting room back to the dark browns, as requested. I may or may not post it, we'll see how it turns out. Bleh

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  1. I love what you came up with! Too bad men have a hard time with anything that looks remotely classy or design worthy. Luckily you have a husband that will let you decorate your home beautifully! I do too. Still love your blog!


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