Tuesday, January 29, 2013

oh facebook...

Having a newborn is awesome. I spend half my day breastfeeding while meandering social media such as facebook, instagram, and pinterest.. and now I'm kinda burned out.
Oh and the other half of my day is spent changing diapers.
But this baby is perfect.
I've already had to wash our comforter, our pillows, every outfit he's worn, and his bedding.
He's had that many blowouts.
Still love him.
 And my little man Carter is doing well with the new baby for the most part. I feel a little guilty for the lack of attention because I've been so sore and out of it. But I'm feeling pretty good after a week!
I love my boys

Back to social media-----I find myself guilty of a lot of those silly social crimes- like posting meaningless status updates, self portraits, or overloads of my babies. It happens.
I'm constantly annoyed though by those girls who post every.damn.day. about what they cooked for dinner, their kids poop stories, play by play of them buying new tires, and just nonsense. I'm especially peeved when their status is a ginormous run-on sentence with no grammar. I now delete them from my feed.

Moving on to the next vent: I still follow lots of people in the fitness industry because it's for the most part motivating and I like to hope that I'll get back into that shape again. But my GOSH I hope I wasn't so annoying during my  competition weeks last year when I posted my food or recipes or let the world know every time I stepped into the gym. It's EXHAUSTING just reading at how their lives revolve around the gym and their bodies and perfection.
Which makes me wonder if I'll ever take fitness that seriously. I mean, I usually do, but I don't want my life to be egg whites, salad, and cardio, and that's all I have to report about.

BUT I follow this fitness model on FB: Amanda Adams and I think she's less annoying, and more cool. (I just pretend I know her). She just posted this today and I thought it was so awesome how, when it comes to fitness, we see these perfect bodies that we aspire to, but in reality, soooo many factors determine what they really look like.
Ladies..Ladies...Ladies... lol Don't be discouraged by what I call "Professional Mirror Self Pic Takers" haha that's what I like to call myself sometimes and there are tons of us out there ;) Now these two pics were literally taken within 2seconds of each other, just different facial expression, posing, lighting, wardrobe adjustments etc etc. It's always good to follow girls to give you motivation, BUT most girls that have done photo shoots know how to pose best to take a good pic haha (did I just embarrass myself? Yeah....lol)
-Lighting? Instagram filters are awesome to make your muscles pop and add shadows in all the right places
-Heels? That will make your leg muscles pop...duh (but shhh you don't have to actually SHOW the heels in the pic lol)
-Sexy face or Happy face? Well that shows you have confidence lol which suddenly makes you look 100% better than a "I hate life facial expression"
-Lotion? Well obviously your muscles will pop out more...
-Loose pants/bottoms on? If they are tight...well hello skin roll
-Chest out? Boobs Out? Arms Back, Hips twisted Made my sports bra "tighter" to make my boobs "perkier" haha... etc etc etc etc...
-Pants - Pants in first pic cut off at the middle of my stomach and are super tight...which is well easier to have "skin rolls" and just yeah... roll em down which then makes you torso look LONGER. lol

It's so sad but also really funny and true...Now I'm not saying this to make fun of people (hello...I do it weekly) But it's to show you all that you really can't compare your progress to other people's pictures!!! Look at them for motivation and that's it! ;) LOVE YOU ALL!

And that being said, I already feel better about myself and my post-pregnancy saggy, swollen belly and pudgy rest of my body.
I could just "pose" right and make myself look pretty dang good! ;)

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  1. Haha! I love this and totally get that annoyed feeling you are talking about. I loved your posts about fitness, especially your recipes. I eat that Greek yogurt jalapeno dip, basil tilapia, and salsa dressing ALL THE TIME. Thanks for posting those tips, time for me to go take a super hot selfie ;) lol


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