Friday, January 11, 2013

blogger WTF?!

So my blogs all disappeared yesterday. 
Deleted from existence, and it wasn't me. And I'm the only one able to log-in so I was kinda panicking and frustrated. But for some reason, they are back today! Still puzzling but whatever.

Anyhow, Aaron is been out of town for a week, and gets back this Sunday. People think it's crazy he would leave town this close to my due date, but I know I am not going into labor anytime soon. In fact, I won't even go into labor at all (thank you planned c-section a week early!) I've had all this ambition to tackle some major projects while Aaron was gone- like paint or wallpaper 3 different rooms. Didn't happen. Carter's room is the only one that has gotten updates and as soon as I'm done, I will post em!

So we've had issues with our fireplace, in the sense that the space above was too small for a decent size tv. So we enlisted our great friend (also named Aaron) to do some handiwork cuz he's awesome. It took them seriously 2 days trying to figure all this out- and New Years Eve, that's what they did.
The good news is that the tv is up and fits! The bad news is that the mantle still needs work, but we will figure that out once Aaron gets back in town.
While the men tackled that project, the little boys- in matching jammies-played trains pretty much for hours straight =)

Obsession alert:
For some reason I can't resist cute wrapping- usually when I'm at TJ Maxx. It's not like I even "gift" things and have so much to wrap. That birch wood looking one is so freaking cool though and these were found at the Maxx in Yakima, WA- the jackpot of all Maxxes. I carted them all the way back to Utah in our truck. Aaron thinks I'm whack.

And these gift bags? K awesome. And for like a buck a piece, I simply can't pass them up.
 I wish I could concoct some kind of project to use these... even cut em up and frame them, but my creativity is stumped.


  1. My husband looks like quite the manly hottie in this pic by the mantle. ;) Glad he was able to help, sad the mantle isn't perfect. Boo.

  2. I'm the same way! In fact, I bought some today! I can't pass up a great pattern.


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